Sh. Dilbag Singh, (IPS)

As the Director General of Jammu & Kashmir Police, I am pleased to have the opportunity of introducing you to this department which has a proud history dating back to 1873. Through the helpful information contained in our Website, you will find that our department is committed to addressing the concerns of people living in or visiting the state. Jammu and Kashmir Police is proud to offer a full array of law enforcement and support services such as Criminal Investigations, Counter Terrorism operation, Traffic regulations, Effective Intelligence Law and Order.

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Sh. Mukesh Singh, (IPS)

"Leading with integrity, professionalism, and responsibility, we strive for safety and a crime-free society. Collaborating with community members and stakeholders, we address challenges proactively. Together, we build resilience and protect every individual. Embracing technology, we stay ahead, ensuring justice prevails."


, (IPS)

"Our mission is to protect the rights and safety of every individual in our jurisdiction. We believe that community engagement and cooperation are essential in our fight against crime. By fostering trust, transparency, and open communication, we can build strong partnerships that empower our community to stand against any challenge.


Sh. Abdul Qayoom, (JKPS)

Community safety begins with unity. Let's work hand in hand, residents and law enforcement, to build a secure and harmonious environment. By staying vigilant, reporting any concerns, and actively participating in crime prevention efforts, we can create a community where everyone feels safe and protected. Your cooperation is vital in our mission to maintain law and order.

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